• Topi is a very efficient alarm clock. He doesn't have a snooze button and his preferred method of waking us up is pulling the blanket off of us. Luckily he doesn't start until the alarm goes off, but snoozing the alarm doesn't turn off the four-legged alarm.

    Luka on the other hand will come with a toy in his mouth, tail wagging, jump up on the bed a lie down next to us for some quality snuggling time.

  • Sulo: Hey, don't forget me!

v-j at 01:25 24.08.2010 writes:

this picture is the coolest i've seen in awhile!
:D this is so perfect! :D i love it! :D

v-j at 01:25 24.08.2010 writes:

i might want a print of this. :D

R's Mom at 15:00 24.08.2010 writes:

Having the toy in mouth makes Luka look like he has the world's biggest smile--although a rather dopey looking smile. Cute!

ramin at 23:46 24.08.2010 writes:

v-j: We'll have to look into printing it for you then.

Mom: Luka does have the world's biggest smile, especially when it lights up his eyes.

And the two of them do make mornings a bit easier with their enthusiasm and happiness.

mari&elli at 21:10 25.08.2010 writes:

Voi pojat:)))) Elli kyllä yrittää kans viedä ensin tyynyt,,aattelee että kyllä ne sit nopeemmin nousee:)

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