• Luka got an introduction to working tests (British/European style tests with dummies). Waiting around with other dogs without an opportunity to play almost seemed like an insurmountable challenge to our social blonde, but in the final unofficial test the working dog in him came out and he concentrated only on work. He got 50 out of 60 points (equivalent of a first prize in novice class) and was placed third out of thirteen.

  • Note Luka's expression.

Heli ja Jussi at 19:08 07.11.2010 writes:

Onnea Onnea!!! taito pari ;=)

ramin at 23:29 07.11.2010 writes:

Kii-tos :)

Sari & Co at 08:24 10.11.2010 writes:


ramin at 00:15 11.11.2010 writes:

Sari: Kiitos!

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