• Jalo: Well, this was my last jump for a while. I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder and was ordered to rest and physical therapy for six weeks. No walks, running, jumping or swimming in the snow. Bummer.

Robin at 04:21 26.11.2010 writes:

Sorry to hear about your sports injury, Jalo. I know you will miss rolling in the snow, but please follow the doctor's orders and get well soon.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 12:25 26.11.2010 writes:

Poor boy!!! Maybe you can train your brain meanwhile *ggg*? There are a lot of nice indoor-games without straining your muscles. Anyway: I keep my fingers crossed that you'll get well again.

TOMMY at 14:29 26.11.2010 writes:

Maybe play hide the treat

Ramin at 23:59 26.11.2010 writes:

Thanks for your get well wishes. We'll get back to you once our network connection starts working again.

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