• We are happy to report that Jalo has been feeling better and enjoys running in the snow.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 11:48 11.01.2011 writes:

This is very good news!!!

Jon & Emma at 23:32 11.01.2011 writes:

Wonderful news , we hope to see him having new adventures with his pack!

ramin at 23:36 11.01.2011 writes:

We've been happing to notice that he's been improving - more evidence coming along shortly ;)

Liz@Blazingstar at 20:45 12.01.2011 writes:

That is very good news indeed! No more coat!

anna at 18:14 13.01.2011 writes:

@Liz: Yes, no more coat and no more leash! The leg is much better now!

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