• Mine. Get your own.

Rachel & JIM! at 10:17 23.02.2011 writes:

Ha har har!!!! Great caption, superb pic Ramin. Thanks as always
(I am 12 days into 2 week enforced absence from Jim, guess what's keeping me going ...)

anna, ramin & the pack at 00:13 24.02.2011 writes:

Hi Rachel! Thanks for your encouraging words! We sometimes get the feeling that "what's the point of doing this", but it's _really_ nice to know that we can cheer up somebody's day :)

We're hoping that your reunion with Jim will be full of joy, wagging tails and flatcoated love!

Mrs Dolittle at 16:11 25.02.2011 writes:

PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP!!! You are my, my dog's and now my fellow flatcoat owners' obsession. We love your boys and look forward every day to reading all about their latest adventures.

ramin at 01:07 26.02.2011 writes:

@Mrs Dolittle: Thanks. These comments help keep us going. And we aren't planning on stopping anytime soon.

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