• Last week Jalo's limp started to get worse quite quickly and we got an ER appointment to the vet on Friday morning. A more sophisticated x-ray machine confirmed the fear that had been growing in the back of our minds. Jalo had at least one large tumor in his right shoulder bone. The diagnosis: most likely osteosarcoma.

    We were finally hit in the face by the worst fear of every flatcoat owner and the curse of our breed.

    Jalo got a prescription of heavy pain medication, even despite the medicine his limp has gotten worse over the weekend and his general condition is deteriorating fast...

Laura & flattityttö Mira at 00:11 21.03.2011 writes:

"Koiranpoika sairastaa, häntä hellikäämme, halauksilla muistakaa hyvää ystäväämme" Lähetämme Jalon suuntaan voimia ja paljon rapsutuksia, t .Laura Ja Mira (myös vm. 2004).

tommy at 00:24 21.03.2011 writes:

My prayers and sincere thoughts are with you all.
Jalo is a giant among flatcoats the world over.

Heather at 01:32 21.03.2011 writes:

Such sad news :( My thoughts and prayers are with you, Anna and of course Jalo. xxx

Robin at 02:42 21.03.2011 writes:

That's the horrible disease that took my sweet golden retriever Spenser last February. I am so sorry for all of you. Jalo has brought so much joy to his fans and his family. I will keep Jalo in my prayers. This is heartbreaking.

Liz at 06:14 21.03.2011 writes:

I am so so very sorry to read this. And very sad too - for you both and for Jalo. Many hugs from Canada xxx

Piia at 06:17 21.03.2011 writes:

My thoughts are with you.

R's Mom at 08:39 21.03.2011 writes:

Mental hugs for you and Anna and mental pats on the head for Jalo.

bear at 10:23 21.03.2011 writes:

dear Ramin, Anna & the boys

Our thoughts are with you and our hearts go out to you. hang in there Jalo.

bear, eeva & coco

Janna & tytöt at 11:00 21.03.2011 writes:

Suukko ja rutistus Jalolle.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 11:16 21.03.2011 writes:

I deeply feel with you, Anna and Ramin. Hugs to you and all the boys and my love to Jalo.

Rachel & JIM at 11:36 21.03.2011 writes:

Sending you all our best wishes, & hope that the medicine for dear Jalo is making him as comfortable as he can be.


Mari, Elli&Ansku at 14:08 21.03.2011 writes:

Voi ei:(( Voimia kovasti niin Jalolle kuin teille muillekkin..

Tanja at 14:39 21.03.2011 writes:

Paljon lämpöisiä ajatuksia teille kaikille! Toivotaan Jalolle kaikkea hyvää.

Mari at 15:42 21.03.2011 writes:

Koittakaa jaksaa.

AnnaN at 15:44 21.03.2011 writes:

I am so sorry. My husband and I had this happen with one of our Goldens a number of years ago and know the shock and pain of what you all are going through.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hayley Tomlinson at 16:24 21.03.2011 writes:

So sorry to hear your news.
My thoughts are with you both xxx

anna, ramin & the pack at 22:22 21.03.2011 writes:

Thank you all so much for your lovely words. They mean a world to us. It's so heartbreaking to watch little friend's condition getting worse and worse :(

Kiitos kaikille teille kauniista sanoista. Ne merkitsevät meille todella paljon. On erittäin sydäntäsärkevää katsoa, kun pienen ystävän tila huononee päivä päivältä :(

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 09:46 26.03.2011 writes:

Anna & Ramin, I have just read your news. I am so sorry.
Michelle, Baxter & Finley

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