• Our pack has a severe color balance issue.

Catherine Short at 09:15 27.03.2011 writes:

First of all, my deepest sympathies for the devastating loss of Jalo. How do you pronounce his name anyway? I've been following his blog since the beginning and am always so saddened when one of the lads pass on over that Rainbow Bridge.

I've noticed over the years how your photographic skills have improved. Your photos are getting more gorgeous by the day. I'm really impressed with the way you manage to show your blonds off with such clarity in the snow.

It's always a pleasure checking in with your tribe every day. Keep on blogging.

Jon & Emma at 21:45 27.03.2011 writes:

Could it soon be time to balance the colour issue with a beautiful liver boy??

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 23:03 27.03.2011 writes:

Colour balance issue or not they are still gorgeous.

Olivia & Smilla at 23:39 27.03.2011 writes:

For your colour balance: I have 9 black Flat puppies...

R's Mom at 01:15 28.03.2011 writes:

Catherine: I can answer the Jalo pronunciation issue: it's "ya-low" with the accent on the first syllable. Wish I could write phonetic symbols here. Hope that helps.

Catherine at 10:44 28.03.2011 writes:

Just as I thought. Thanks.

ramin at 12:48 28.03.2011 writes:

@Catherine: Thanks! We will keep up. And hopefully add some video to the mix every know and then as well.

@Mom: You can write phonetic symbols here...

@Jon: You know, Flippe was originally supposed to be liver. We're still waiting for a liver boy to find its way into our pack.

anna at 12:54 28.03.2011 writes:

@Michelle: Thank you for your beautiful comment!

@Olivia&Smilla: LOL! :D

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 23:29 28.03.2011 writes:

Hi R's Mom,

Is that like Jana (yar na) & Jan (yhan)?

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