• Topi: Remember me, don't let the blondes hog all the lens time!

Imma and Rekawuffls at 11:23 04.04.2011 writes:

Black is beautiful, Topi - no doubt about it (and we do have the same mismatch in colours right now as you do ...!

R's Mom at 17:08 04.04.2011 writes:

Head up, Topi! This picture reminds me of the children's song: "Do your ears hang low; do they wobble to and fro; can you tie 'em in a knot; can you tie 'em in a bow?" . . . So, don't let the blondes get to you!

ramin at 08:04 05.04.2011 writes:

@Imma: Black is definitely the better color, at least if my choice in clothing colors is looked at.

@Mom: He's not letting his ears hang low, but getting the lens hog Luka out of the way is sometimes a challenge.

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