• Will you join me for a swim, Anna?

R's Mom at 07:02 13.06.2011 writes:

And did you, Anna?

anna at 09:25 13.06.2011 writes:

@MIL: Noooooo wayyyyy!

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 22:06 13.06.2011 writes:

But he asked nicely.

anna at 23:16 13.06.2011 writes:

@Michelle: No matter how pleading Luka's expression or how nicely he asks, I'll still wait at least a month before I even consider going for a swim. :)

ramin at 23:17 13.06.2011 writes:

But I've already been for a swim with the boys. Even without the protective gear seen in the pictures earlier...

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