• Luka: Good morning.

tommy at 03:26 22.06.2011 writes:

good morning to you, great shot!!

Mari at 09:15 22.06.2011 writes:

Onpa hyvä kuva:) Tunnelmallinen. Kävin taas ihastelemassa teidän upeita kuvia.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 10:44 22.06.2011 writes:

Good morning, Sunshine!

Jon & Emma at 20:19 22.06.2011 writes:

I vote this beautiful picture for inclusion in the much anticipated 'Life of Jalo calendar' :) ... What do you say Ramin?

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 21:38 22.06.2011 writes:

I suspect there is a second picture of Luka lulling on the bed in the middle.

anna at 23:02 22.06.2011 writes:

Mari: Kiitos! Kiva kun kävit, tulehan taas takaisin ;)

Everyone: Thanks! I think the caption should have been "waking her up" but it was way past noon when I came up with that :(

ramin at 23:05 22.06.2011 writes:

@Jon: Alas, I doubt it will. There are some technical issues why I don't want to see this printed ;)

@Michelle: Honestly, Luka rarely comes in the middle — it's the spot that is more often taken by our pampered Swede...

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