• 2500 days…

    It's been a long journey so far, thank you all.

Robin at 00:50 19.07.2011 writes:

Thanks to you, too, Ramin and Anna and your 4-legged crew for letting us follow. It's a great trip.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 09:27 19.07.2011 writes:

Wow! Thanks for sharing so many days of joy, sadness and fun with us. It's a gorgeous journey.

AnnaN at 17:15 19.07.2011 writes:

And I have enjoyed every day of it. Thank you so much for your efforts in putting the love for your companions online.

Jon & Emma at 22:00 19.07.2011 writes:

Thank you for allowing us to tag along with you.
Highs and lows. Laughs and cries. I wonder what flatcoat adventures await us on the road to 5000 days?, see you there...

ramin & Anna at 23:49 19.07.2011 writes:

You are all welcome. We'll see what the next 2500 days bring with them. Hopefully at 5000 we will at least see a grey-bearded Luka, ball crazy Sulo, and a salt and pepper Topi. And who knows who else ;)

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