• Luka: Our photographer has gotten some new toys so some specialized pictures may appear in the future.

Heather at 10:51 20.07.2011 writes:

New toys are good - for boys and dogs :)

anna at 23:55 20.07.2011 writes:

@Heather: That is so true... Boys - big and small - can never have too many toys!

Tom at 22:51 23.07.2011 writes:

A 7D, very nice! Looking forward to all the specialized pictures! awesome work, I recently checked ALL the pictures, from the very beginning ;-)

ramin at 00:39 24.07.2011 writes:

@Tom: That must have taken you some time ;)

We've had the 7D for a while, the new toy is a 50mm f/1.4.

Tom at 09:19 24.07.2011 writes:

Ah, I could have known that. However, it's still a great camera and the lens gives absolutely amazing results!

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