• Mei Dan Second Blonde "Luka" finally got a first prize in novice class (hunt tests).

  • General appearance: An evenly working dog. Clears today's tasks very well.

Sanna at 10:03 12.09.2011 writes:

Onnea Lukalle ja ohjaajalle hienosta suorituksesta :)

Imma and rekawuffls at 10:48 12.09.2011 writes:

Hipp hipp hurrah! Well done, Luka.

R's Mom at 12:07 12.09.2011 writes:

Congratulations, guys!

Rachel & JIM! at 12:36 12.09.2011 writes:

yay, congratulations Luka the superstar!
Enjoy your rewards, don't let those black imps anywhere near your 'naturediet' ;)

(Black Jim feasts on it daily in UK, see his shiny but sadly ungroomed coat & weep ...)

Minna, Martti ja VV at 12:40 12.09.2011 writes:

Jeee!! Hirmuiset onnittelut täältä :)

Jon & Emma at 21:07 12.09.2011 writes:

We are so proud of you all, please continue to prove that beautiful blondes are an asset to our breed that need to be cherished.

ramin at 23:32 12.09.2011 writes:

Kiitos kaikille onnitteluista!

Thank you all for your congratulations! Jon, don't worry, we will continue working with him.

anna at 23:44 12.09.2011 writes:

@Rachel: I'm sure that Luka will enjoy his rewards! Pictures of the coat, please!

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