• It seems like all of the threats (no more hunt tests next year if...) and bribes (I'll – Ramin – buy a new cool toy for you) paid off and we have to continue training for open class.

ramin at 23:56 12.09.2011 writes:

P.S. We almost missed it again. This is now the beginning of LoJ's eight year…

Melkein jäi taas huomaamatta. Kahdeksas vuosi LoJ:n parissa alkoi tänään…

R's Mom at 09:34 13.09.2011 writes:

Time flies!

Jon & Emma at 22:27 13.09.2011 writes:

but you can mark the date on the new LoJ calendar

anna at 23:37 13.09.2011 writes:

@Jon&Emma: LOL! We should first find the time to make one... ;)

@MIL: *sigh* It sure does!

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