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tommy at 03:34 29.09.2011 writes:

Is it a beached whale?

Sanna at 09:56 29.09.2011 writes:

Hmm, something that lived in Loch Ness before?

Jon & Emma at 15:00 29.09.2011 writes:

I sure I can hear the theme to 'Jaws' right now...

AnnaN at 18:15 29.09.2011 writes:

Since there really isn't anything in the frame to reference size, I will say: toupee.

ramin at 12:21 30.09.2011 writes:

@tommy: No, a flatcoat in good condition. No whales around these parts ;)

@Sanna: Your guess is very close to being spot on…

@Jon: :D

@AnnaN: Nope…

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