• 34 hours, 1200 kilometres (750 miles) driven, successes, and lots of good experience.

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 00:44 17.10.2011 writes:

Do you not have any mud where you live? ;)

anna at 16:07 17.10.2011 writes:

@Michelle: LOL :D Mud is always muddier 1200 km (750 miles) away from home ;)

Jon & Emma at 21:00 17.10.2011 writes:

Every success for Luka is a further step towards re-educating breeders about the 'gem' in our breed. Luka your a true ambassador.

ramin at 22:45 17.10.2011 writes:

@Jon: Well, this time the successes were more visible to us than anyone else, but Luka's happiness and sociality character let him take a very ambassadorial role ;)

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