• Luka: That ditch sure looks inviting…

Dianna - Australia at 02:56 07.11.2011 writes:

These November photos are glorious. I can "feel" the texture of the dry grass and the tree trunk in the photo of the 3 dogs on 3/11/11. And, of course, anything with Luka in has to be good!

ramin at 22:47 07.11.2011 writes:

@Dianna: Thanks. However, for us it's been unseasonably warm lately (around +5°C). We're hoping for the snow and frost to come – for better photography and less muddy paws.

Dianna at 00:13 08.11.2011 writes:

Well, that is that mystery solved. Until now I could not fathom why you actually wished for snow and frost. Thank you for the explanation.

anna at 09:11 09.11.2011 writes:

@Dianna: I love winter, that's why I'm wishing for snow :)

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