• Someone has a new hobby… Pole dancing!

Ulla at 07:29 28.11.2011 writes:

Hienot muuvit! Oliko lipputangossa orava?

Sanna at 08:53 28.11.2011 writes:

Topihan on aikaansa seuraava nuorimies, eikös tankotanssi ole ihan trendilaji :D

anna at 22:38 28.11.2011 writes:

Ei näkynyt oravaa lipputangossa! Ehkäpä tämä koiruli vaan haluaa seurata uusimpia trendejä ja kokeilla kaikkia kivoja uusia harrastuksia ;)

Dianna at 10:18 01.12.2011 writes:

As I don't know Finnish, I HAVE to ask. What inspired him to take up his new hobby? He is a natural whatever it is.

ramin at 11:00 01.12.2011 writes:

@Dianna: We didn't answer it in Finnish since we don't have any idea why he was doing it ;)

Dianna at 11:24 01.12.2011 writes:

:)Topi knows a bit of mystery helps a Pole dancer develope a sense of mystique.

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