• Sigh. Someone please come up with a great caption for this one!

tommy at 01:51 09.01.2012 writes:

Ears out, legs down,mouth open,eyes wide...lets POUNCE

Jolene Mccuaig at 02:25 09.01.2012 writes:

Cowabunga Dude!!

Dianna at 04:52 09.01.2012 writes:

"Woohoo! I can jump high by myself. No trampoline needed here!"

(The colours in yesterday's photo are soft and beautiful. Having a dog with a beautiful outline just adds to it.)

Rachel & JIM! at 11:53 09.01.2012 writes:

"Fingers" O'Flanagan warms up his skilled safecracking paws before the heist ...

Sanna at 15:22 09.01.2012 writes:

Banzai, hiiri!
Eikös tuo ilme on juuri sellainen, kun loikataan kohti hiirenkoloa.

Mekin olemme vihdoin saaneet lunta ja vapautuneet kurasta ainakin toistaiseksi :)

ramin at 23:36 09.01.2012 writes:

Thanks, great captions!

@Sanna: Luka ei yleensä vaivaudu hiirenkoloja kyttäämään, se on enemmän ollut aina taloutemme kultsujen hommaa. Tosin näkyvissä oleville hiirille ja rotille voikin käydä sitten toisin…

anna at 23:49 09.01.2012 writes:

We should hire you all as a co-writers for the captions every time we have difficulties coming up with one... :)

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