• Luka – six years young today!

Dianna at 00:42 26.01.2012 writes:

Happy Birthday Luka.
Photo 2 epitomises everything Luka seems to be about. Calm, devoted, handsome.

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 09:03 26.01.2012 writes:

Happy Birthday. The years just fly by.

Sanna at 09:15 26.01.2012 writes:

Paljon Onnea Luka :) Niin se aika todellakin kuluu, meillä Vilma täytti viime viikolla 13 eikä millään uskoisi siitäkään.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 10:35 26.01.2012 writes:

Have a great day today, Luka. Hopefully a big bone is waiting for you. And lots of hugs of course.

Helen Bligh at 11:55 26.01.2012 writes:

Big Birthday hugs from Blackpool. xxx

Jon & Emma at 21:57 26.01.2012 writes:

Happy birthday Luka, where does the time go, enjoy many more adventures!

anna at 23:07 26.01.2012 writes:

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Our little Blonde Man is not so little anymore. Time surely flies by... / Paljon kiitoksia synttäritoivotuksista! Meidän pieni blondi-mies ei ole enää niin pieni. Aika kyllä kuluu vauhdilla.

@Dianna: Yes, that's Luka. Nowadays he's quite calm, handsome and devoted. He has always sat on my feet - since he was 7 weeks old. Most of the time during the day he sits (or sleeps) on my feet and during the night he sleeps next to me <3

Sari & Co at 11:23 27.01.2012 writes:

Hyvää syntymäpäivää Luka <3

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