• It's so cold out here…

  • Can I stay close to you?

  • And steal your scarf?

Rachel & JIM! at 13:17 13.02.2012 writes:

What a corker.
Lovely wee series - thanks guys!

Stay warm ... over here (Wales) it's now warm enough that Jim had his MAJOR haircut yesterday.
Looks v smart & has gotta be more comfortable than the Hobbit paws & trouser-dreadlocks he's been sporting. But oh! the 90-minute Professional Glare of Sorrow & Reproach as we each endured the trauma ...


ramin at 21:05 13.02.2012 writes:

@Rachel: Topi is quite skilled in trying to steal gloves, scarves etc. Once he almost strangled Anna when he grabbed a lead that was around Anna's shoulders…

Our boys mostly tend to fall asleep while being groomed and compete for the privilege of being allowed on the grooming table.

Rachel & JIM! at 20:41 16.02.2012 writes:


Oh, Jim would NEVER steal.
That assortment of ill-gotten gains tucked behind his bed is just ... being saved.
Unlike any edible evidence!

ramin at 23:24 16.02.2012 writes:

@Rachel: :D

Topi's explanation is that he's just helping us by picking things up and carrying them around.

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