• Spring fashion show part I. Custom collars made by Nearly Naked Neckwear. Luka got feathers.

  • Emil got skulls and roses.

Heather at 00:49 04.05.2012 writes:

Very stylish :)

NNN has a range of cotton collars that are a fundraiser for the Flatcoated Retriever Society of Canada National Specialty - see:


liz at 02:57 04.05.2012 writes:

Skulls and roses?! That's original. His half-sister, Puffin, got Puffins!

Jolene Mccuaig at 07:41 04.05.2012 writes:

Love it!! Both my boys have multiple NNN collars!!!

Sanna at 11:48 04.05.2012 writes:

Wau, hienot pannat. Harmi kun meillä on vaan noita turkkikoiria niin tuollaiset hienoudet hukkuu sinne kaulukseen.

ramin at 23:22 04.05.2012 writes:

@Heather: These are all from the specialty range ;)

@Liz: Well, we didn't see any with compasses and treasure maps for our explorer, so he got to go old school.

@Jolene: Our boys so rarely wear collars that I think one each will do for now.

@Sanna: No pitihän tuota Topia trimmata ennen kuvan ottamista että panta näkyisi jotenkin.

Heather at 00:29 05.05.2012 writes:

@Ramin: I know they are from the Specialty range, others may no ;)

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