• Mr Gardner

Robin at 00:24 29.05.2012 writes:

Love all the pictures of the handsome and helpful Blondi-man, but that third is just a gorgeous portrait!

anna at 22:12 29.05.2012 writes:

@Robin: "Blondi-man", wow, I'm impressed! <3 When translated completely it goes like this: Blondi-mies. And thanks, that's a great portrait of Luka - I've been staring it all day long...

Dianna at 00:27 30.05.2012 writes:

What is is about Luka? He IS handsome. He IS helpful. But there is something extra special about him. His eyes? His apparant calmness? Whatever - I love the 3 photos too, but no 1 is my favourite.

anna at 23:42 30.05.2012 writes:

@Dianna: Luka is joy personified. His eyes just glow with happiness and laughter all the time. I've never seen a dog is as happy as Luka and his eyes shine like the sun.

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