• We have some news regarding Luka. Three weeks ago after a training session he started limping and since it didn't heal over the weekend we took him to see a vet. The diagnosis at the time was at least a sprained knee, maybe even torn ligaments in the knee. After two week of full rest the knee was ok, but the vet still saw something odd in the way Luka moved.

    So an X-Ray of Luka's lower back was taken and in it we could see that his prostate was the size of an apple. The only way to control the size of his prostate without continuous medication was to neuter him, which was done a week ago. He is healing well and has to wear the collar for only a few more days.

  • The collar isn't all bad, it can be used to carry things…

  • And Luka is still his happy and goofy self.

    The toys in these pictures were gifts for the boys from our reader Robin, whom we ment last September in the States. The boys say thanks!

Jolene Mccuaig at 05:27 09.07.2012 writes:

poor Luka :(
I just had to neuter my 10 yr old collie last year, his prostate was the size of a baseball, huge!!
He feels sooo much better now !!

Jenni ja Alli at 09:00 09.07.2012 writes:

Voi Luka.. :( Onneksi ei ollut kyse mistään vakavammasta! Pikaista paranemista ihanalle Lukalle! :)

Jon & Emma at 09:48 09.07.2012 writes:

Hope Luka is feeling better soon and looking forward to more training / working photos

Dianna at 13:35 09.07.2012 writes:

Wishing you a quick recovery Luka.

ramin at 22:23 09.07.2012 writes:

Thanks everyone!

Robin at 22:23 09.07.2012 writes:

Hope you feel better soon, Luka. I'm glad you enjoy the platypus.

Onni ja Pyry at 20:58 12.07.2012 writes:

Pikaista paranemista Lukalle!

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