• Luka has recovered really well and seems to be back to normal itself.

Dianna at 02:02 13.07.2012 writes:

That's a relief! Enjoy the rest of the season Luka!

Elizabeth Forrest at 18:09 13.07.2012 writes:

Hi Anna,

I write to your mum from Scotland. She gave me your web site address to look up. The dogs are lovely. I have always had labradors but unfortunately our last one died a couple of years ago and we have not replaced her yet. I will do so when I stop working.


anna at 23:37 14.07.2012 writes:

@Dianna: I'm sure he will!


Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for visiting our doggy blog and leaving a comment! I'm so happy that you and my mom still write to each other. It's so nice to have such a long time friends. We all wish you a nice summer!

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