• It would have been Jalo's 8th birthday today.

Robin at 00:42 26.07.2012 writes:

We'll never forget you and your endearing goofiness, Jalo.

Jolene Mccuaig at 04:50 26.07.2012 writes:

Never forgotten sweet Jalo ♥♥

Minna, Martti ja VV at 15:45 26.07.2012 writes:

Tommy at 20:32 26.07.2012 writes:

Still my homepage, and I miss him.

R's Mom at 00:35 27.07.2012 writes:

I looked at the 7 years ago picture when Jalo was one year old. The picture of him at 6 weeks old was so precious. What a cocky look he had with that little tail proudly waving behind. It looked bigger than the puppy himself. Memories . . .

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