• Luka re-shaping the crate at a dog show.

Dianna at 00:43 06.08.2012 writes:

"Oops, how did this happen?" Poor Luka. That is one mightly stress lick he is giving!

R's Mom at 21:37 06.08.2012 writes:

Maybe a very heavy backpack pushed it over and Luka is being blamed ... I remember a scape goat in our home many years ago was always "Not Me". Remember that ghost? :-)

Helen Bligh at 23:53 06.08.2012 writes:

Give Luka a kiss

ramin at 21:37 07.08.2012 writes:

@Dianna: Luka knows exactly what he is doing. If the whole crate wouldn't have been anchored to the ground he would have enabled a break-out.

@Mom: Luka is also quite good at the "not me" ;)

@Helen: Every day!

Dianna at 12:17 08.08.2012 writes:

Ah! Then his look must be because he has been sprung? He is still gorgeous!

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