• Luka has started to recover well.

  • And he is surprisingly agile already on three legs.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 20:44 07.10.2012 writes:

Poor Luka! All the best that you recover well soon.

anna at 22:10 07.10.2012 writes:

Thanks Imma xxx

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 03:21 08.10.2012 writes:

Poor little boy. That will be very painful & need lots of TLC. Hope he gets better soon.

Jolene McCuaig at 20:21 08.10.2012 writes:

poor baby, glad to see him up & about though!

Dianna at 23:42 08.10.2012 writes:

Luka is amazing! On 3 good legs, probably in a bit of pain, and he looks as happy and handsome as ever! He must be getting good care. Keep on getting better at this rate Luka!

AnnaN at 20:16 10.10.2012 writes:

So sorry to see this. Hope the furry boy is doing well.

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