• Hi, my name is Late (pronounced a bit like latté, but with a single t).

Anna at 22:41 14.10.2012 writes:

He's this little guy / Hän on tämä pikkuinen:

Jolene at 03:49 15.10.2012 writes:

following in the footsteps of your dogs, past & present ♥

Imma and Rekawuffls at 09:47 15.10.2012 writes:

Hejsan Late! So young and already so concentrated - great. Anna & Ramin: 5 dogs is much more fun than 4, I had this joyous experience for 1,5 years. Njut av det!

Liz at 02:38 17.10.2012 writes:

Is he yours? I hope so!

ramin at 09:11 17.10.2012 writes:

@Imma: Concentrated on hiding his catch - we need to work on returns a bit ;)

@Liz: He is. He's the brown boy from the Emil x Vimma combination that Anna has posted photos of on Facebook. And well, all the pictures of Emil's sons here have also been him.

Even at 3 weeks Late and I had a connection - one that I've only felt with Topi ever before. And he hated every time I left from visiting them. Piia said she's never seen a puppy so young bond to someone. So, even though we were not planning on getting a puppy from the litter, he parked himself in my camera bag and moved home with us.

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