• Sick little doggy

Robin at 00:44 20.10.2012 writes:

Hope Luka's recovery hasn't been interrupted by complications. Keeping him guiet and non-bouncy must be difficult. Get well soon, Luka!

Jolene at 01:03 20.10.2012 writes:

oh no! is he ok?

Dianna at 02:01 20.10.2012 writes:

First thought was "Oh no." Then noticed the photo was taken on 16/10/12. But is he OK now? Get better soon Luka.

ramin at 11:35 21.10.2012 writes:

Luka's recovery is progressing. He's just tired of having to wear the cone and being separated from the pack. We will slowly be letting him spend more time with the pack now and start taking him for longer slow walks.

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