• Yesterday we got our first champion! With his third CAC from Finland, Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky, Topi, became a Finnish and Estonian Champion.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 10:15 11.03.2013 writes:

Who's beaming more? Sure this success is due to Topi's Swedisch genes;-))))

Congratulations - but then he is beautiful, isn't he?!

Onni Matikainen at 17:29 11.03.2013 writes:

Suuren suuret onnittelut koko poppoolle! :)

R's mom at 19:24 11.03.2013 writes:

Making Granny proud!

ramin at 22:28 11.03.2013 writes:

Thank you all! / Kiitoksia kaikki!

@Imma: He really is beautiful - and yes it is his Swedish genes :)

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