• Sulo's new friend Ritu.

    We've been searching for reasons for Sulo's replacement behaviour. The vet does not think that the slight hip dysplasia in his other hip would cause so much pain to be the reason. The conclusion is that Sulo is stressed by living in a pack of males.

    We found him a new loving home where he can spend leisurely senior days with the lovely Ritu.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 19:09 24.05.2014 writes:

Well, this is a bit of surprise - but as it sounds a very good solution. Sulo, I wish you a great time with your new friend Ritu.

ramin at 10:06 25.05.2014 writes:

Imma: His replacement behavior started over two years ago - it took us this long to figure out the probable cause. The most important thing is that he is happy and we have been in frequent contact with his new home.

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