• Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" 25.2.2007 – 14.8.2014

    Heart of an eagle, he flies through the rainbow
    Into a new world and finds the sun
    Spreading his wings above all the sorrows
    The glory of Eagleheart

    - Stratovarius: Eagleheart

  • Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" 25.2.2007 – 14.8.2014

    Thank You Sulo

    Thank you to Anu and her family for giving Sulo such a wonderful home for his final months.

  • Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" 25.2.2007 – 14.8.2014

    In June Sulo started to get sick with gastric issues. At first the suspect was simply gastroenteritis. However, while medication helped a bit, he became anemic and no reason for that was found at the vet. In his final weeks he lost almost a third of his body weight.

    The suspect based on the collection of symptoms and the speed with which his health collapsed is simply gastrointestinal cancer. Cancer, we do truly hate you.

AnnaN at 03:18 15.08.2014 writes:

I am so sorry for loss. All that matters is the shared love while he was on this earth. Peace in sorrow.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 12:27 15.08.2014 writes:

I'm so sorry that Sulo's days on this side of the rainbow finally came to an end. Rest in peace, you wonderful boy.

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