• Autumn forest

Robin at 03:52 07.10.2017 writes:

The new format is great, especially the larger image size. The new logo with scroll work is clever and striking. As for different kinds of pictures, I'd love to see the boys doing doggy things like sleeping, waiting for treats, rolling around on their backs, shaking off after a swim, and scratching. Eino is a great addition to your pack. Is he as sweet-natured as he looks?

Anna at 20:33 07.10.2017 writes:

Thank you Robin for your comment! I think it was about time to do a new layout since the old one was eighth years old. We’ll try to do our best to take pictures of the boys doing doggy things. Yes, Eino is as a sweet natured as he looks like. A real well behaving sweetheart with an amazing talent to learn new things fast and willingness to please.

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