• You’re old, you’re getting tired.

  • The best of friends <3

R's mom at 19:24 19.10.2017 writes:

Oh, honey! This picture touches my heart so strongly. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, MIL

Anna at 22:00 19.10.2017 writes:

Thank you dear MIL. A piece of my heart is missing ❤️

Elke Fanz at 23:54 19.10.2017 writes:

Anna... I just know your pain.... they stayed the longes of life with us... they contain to us... they are a part of our life... Stay strong and much love... RIP Luka...

Bärbel at 20:45 20.10.2017 writes:

so very sorry Anna, run free Luka .

Flat Pup went North until she could go no further. And there, in the far North, she found the Flatcoat Spirit that dances and frolics, ducks and weaves and rolls on its back. It erupts in great flashes of colour and fun, subsides in joy and then rushes up again in great fountains of pleasure. So if we go out on a dark night and look towards the Northern Sky we can see there the Spirit of all the Flatcoats that have ever lived - playing together, pups forever - as the Northern Lights.
copied from Flatcoat Fables of Gordon G Hall

Sari at 01:21 21.10.2017 writes:

So sorry for you lost. Remember the good times. He will always live in your hearth.

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