• Today Mr Enjoy-Every-Moment-of-Life, aka Luka, would have turned twelve

Imma at 10:03 26.01.2018 writes:

Have a gorgeous birthday party with Flippe, Jalo, Kassu, Sula and all the others, dear Luka ?

Alanna at 00:42 27.01.2018 writes:

And sooooo.... Lady Koira took her last slow steps over the rainbow last spring. But on that day, it turns out, an adorable pointer was born and now our house is filled with the Life and Exuberance of our own Luka ... a pointer with black spots over his eyes, adorable, nothing like your Luka in looks but with him in spirit.

ramin at 09:50 30.01.2018 writes:

@Imma: Your comment had me in tears. So many memories with all of the dogs you listed.

@Alanna: Glad to hear that you have a dog again and so sorry to hear about Lady Koira.

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