You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Ramin decided to finally learn how to snowboard this winter resulting in many days spent on the nearby slopes and finally a snowboard coming to join the various toys we have in the house.

This winter has been a fairly good one with enough snow and even some really cold days. However, last winter was a slap in the face of anyone who loves real winters. When we found Protect our Winters Finland we felt like we found an organization that we can really support as there is no assumption that we should immediately change our life but that we should try to find the ways to change our lives and habits step by step to be more sustainable.

POW Finland also has a challenge of winter activities to do this winter and although the winter vacation period is pretty much over, there is still winter left here to get some more in. See the second photo to see how we are doing on the challenge. But please note that we haven\’t done any of our activities with the challenge in mind – all of this is just pretty much our life. Unfortunately the challenge is only in Finnish.\

And for those of you outside Finland, other Protect our Winters organizations or other similar organizations may well be worth your support

30 out of 50 so far, not too bad 😀