• FI Ch EE Ch Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky "Topi" 11.12.2009 - 07.07.2021

    We are in shock and our hearts are broken.

    Yesterday at 13:00 Topi was his self as he has been despite the heat and all. We were heading home from another road trip and adventures in our van. He was still normal at 16:00 when we made a quick stop. When we let the dogs out at Anna's parents house at 18, Topi was a bit weak and wobbly. We decided to monitor him and at 20:00 we were calling the on call vet and then driving to the vet.

    Topi was in severe shock and despite many attempts to stabilize him to get him to survive a trip to a vet with more extensive diagnostic equipment he didn't stabilize enough. We made the decision to let him go like we always wanted him to go - fast and painlessly.

    He his now across the rainbow bridge with Luka and all the others.

    Happy retrieves and good swimming Topi!

Virpi Peltonen at 14:32 08.07.2021 writes:

So very sorry for your loss! Hugs!!

Tiia ja Esko at 14:32 08.07.2021 writes:

Suuret osanottomme ? ❤️ Hän lähti saappaat jalassa ? Voimia suureen suruunne ❤️

Jenni Parkkinen at 14:44 08.07.2021 writes:

Lämmin osanotto suureen suruunne ??

Minna Piiroinen at 14:47 08.07.2021 writes:

Olen niin niin pahoillani puolestanne. Järkyttävää memettää ystävä niin yllätten. Voimia ja kauniita muistoja ikävään teille.

Riikka Miettinen at 14:47 08.07.2021 writes:

Suuret osanotot ❤️?

Sari at 14:51 08.07.2021 writes:

Osanotot surussanne.

Topi sai elää viimeiset päivät seikkaillen ja oli varmasti onnellinen.

Lähti saappaat jalassa kuten moni flatti.

Vaikka se sattuu yllättäen menettää, niin koiran kannalta se on hyvä vaihtoehto.

Hyvä elämä ja nopea lähtö.

Jaksamisia <3

Mari Pitkänen at 14:56 08.07.2021 writes:

Osanotto suuressa surussanne❤️

Kirsi at 14:56 08.07.2021 writes:

Niin surullista. Yksi uusi tähti tuikkii nyt kirkkaana taivaalla. Lämmin osanottoni.

Rajakallio Laura at 14:56 08.07.2021 writes:

Lämmin osanottoni ❤️

Virve Taivainen at 15:11 08.07.2021 writes:

Lämmin osanottoni Anna ja Ramin. ?

Piia at 15:14 08.07.2021 writes:

Hyvää taivasmatkaa Töppöselle ??

Arja Kuivalainen at 15:20 08.07.2021 writes:

Voimia paljon suureen suruun ❤️?

Tuuli at 15:29 08.07.2021 writes:

Hyvää matkaa hurmaava karvapörrö Topi ❤️ Voimia Anna ja Ramin

Mira Pyhälahti at 15:32 08.07.2021 writes:

Otan osaa suureen suruunne ?

Anders Reitmaier at 15:42 08.07.2021 writes:

I am So very sorry for your loss an I am so greatful for the fantastic life you have given eachother.

Thank you ❤️

Marjatta Eivola at 15:49 08.07.2021 writes:

Lämmin osanottoni suureen suruunne Anna ja Ramin!!

Sami Heikkinen at 15:49 08.07.2021 writes:


Imma Palme at 16:01 08.07.2021 writes:

Heartbreaking news ? So very sorry for your loss. Run free, sweet Topi. You were one of a kind ?

Mari at 16:09 08.07.2021 writes:

Lämmin osanotto ja Tilille hyvää matkaa ?

Antti at 16:18 08.07.2021 writes:

Hyviä noutoja sateenkaarella ! Lämmin osanotto suruun ❤️

Janna at 16:46 08.07.2021 writes:

Hyvää matkaa iso T tähdeksi taivaalle ❤ Koira, jolla oli aina hyvä päivä.

Elke Fanz at 17:07 08.07.2021 writes:

So so sorry, run free, sweet Topi ?

Jolene McCuaig at 17:57 08.07.2021 writes:

I am so very sorry for your loss . I don't know what it is about your dogs that hurts my heart so much when they pass. I think it's because of all your beautiful pictures that makes me feel a part of their lives.
It's never long enough :(

Leena Jason at 18:04 08.07.2021 writes:

So sorry for your loss❤️.

Luka Koira at 22:18 08.07.2021 writes:

No words. No barks. Rest In Peace …

Maija Tuhkanen at 22:35 08.07.2021 writes:

❤ Lämmin osanottoni ❤

Sharon Karvonen at 15:35 09.07.2021 writes:

Dear Ramin, sending our love and so very sorry for your loss. Deshan sends his wishes in remembrance of your sweet boy Topi ❤️

Sallar at 00:20 10.07.2021 writes:

I’m so sorry for your loss. This is incredibly heartbreaking ? hugs

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