Babyface. Who, me?


4 responses to “12.04.2006”

  1. Alanna

    TALK about a baby face, yes! For being a pup, he looks incredibly STILL (and SOMBER?)somehow! I can’t tell you what a smile your dogs give me every single day … I know we do these blogs things because we LOVE them but these pictures, they’re really something. And what my own Lady Koira wouldn’t do for a romp with all that snow and all those DOGS!

  2. Well, the time of day (or night) might have something to do with it. After, this picture was taken around eleven in the night after an active day. The next picture posted did take about 20 shots for a couple of good ones.

    We also train our dogs patience in waiting for the treat to make photography a bit easier.

    We’re glad you enjoy our pictures. They’ve been a joy and sometime challenge to take and post.

  3. Voi Luukas! Olitko sinäkin joskus noin pieni pentunen vain? Ei muista hyvin enää. Kovasti odotellaan, että Milakin kasvaa ja järki sitä myöten, jos toivoa voi.

  4. Uskomatonta mutta totta – kyllä Lukakin oli joskus pieni 🙂

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