• Daad! Moom! Look what they made me do.

Alu at 02:47 15.04.2006 writes:

Mika vanha aiti ... I'm working on minun suomeksi ... words come out when I see the pictures, I'm not always sure if they're even Finnish, let alone the right words ... the Spanish is older and rustier. Nice touch with the pussy willows ...

anna at 00:15 16.04.2006 writes:

Yep, those words you have been using are Finnish words - exept those missing dots above a's and o's :)

"Mikä vanha akka" would be better because "äiti" is mom.

Alu at 16:14 16.04.2006 writes:

Kiitos -- much needed corrections! I knew aiti was mother, but somehow it seemed right - but not! Oh well. And yes no funny little dots -- can do them/others in Word but haven't figured them out in Firefox. I STILL love the picture (hmm .. kuva?) and especially the next one!

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