Daad! Moom! Look what they made me do.


3 responses to “15.04.2006”

  1. Mika vanha aiti … I’m working on minun suomeksi … words come out when I see the pictures, I’m not always sure if they’re even Finnish, let alone the right words … the Spanish is older and rustier. Nice touch with the pussy willows …

  2. Yep, those words you have been using are Finnish words – exept those missing dots above a’s and o’s 🙂

    “Mikä vanha akka” would be better because “äiti” is mom.

  3. Kiitos — much needed corrections! I knew aiti was mother, but somehow it seemed right – but not! Oh well. And yes no funny little dots — can do them/others in Word but haven’t figured them out in Firefox. I STILL love the picture (hmm .. kuva?) and especially the next one!

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