This was the last time we went out with this bunny.


4 responses to “23.05.2006”

  1. Imma + Spikey, Quira, Lenny and Woody

    Is this real game??? Where do you get those rabbits from? Shooting themselves? Probably my bunch would envy yours *g*! They have to play with dummies instead!

    All the best
    Imma & retriever pack

  2. It’s real game. We don’t shoot them ourselves, but get them from a variety of sources. The retriever clubs here are one source to buy them from, we also get some through friends.

    Our boys, especially Jalo and Luka, really enjoy retrieveing game.

  3. & cop a load of that “ears down, I’m working” face …

    Hi A&R, hi Imma + gang –
    Jim loves to retrieve* game too. Most notably a dead squirrel, which my entire weekend house party witnessed, to their mixed horror, amusement or respect, disappearing whole (snakestyle!) into his capacious digestive system.

    No ill effects next day either. Which is sort of impressive, although not something to write home to his Working ma & pa about …

    * ‘retrieve’, as interpreted by Jim, = Freelance fetch’n’keep policy 😉

  4. @Rachel: Flatcoats DO know how to entertain an audience!

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