…frisbee rescue mission to save the frisbee lost on the bottom of the lake the day before. As you can see, the mission was successful despite the cold water (around +7°C).


4 responses to “31.05.2006”

  1. Does anyone do housecalls? We’ve got two on the roof thanks to a dog who flings as well as fetches. No waterproof clothing required.

  2. Well… We first need to rescue our own frisbee. Today we lost a frisbee in the glare of the sun. This time luckily it’s a floater, so we should be able to find it by walking around the lake tomorrow.

    Or at least so we hope.

  3. didnt your folks teach you not to play in the water when it is so cold?

  4. But Granny, don’t you remember that Mom couldn’t find a way to keep me dry even in the winter?

    At least now I’ve got enough equipment to stay almost dry 😉

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