A position guide to dog photography. This was the position needed to get yesterday’s shot. [We made some changes to the site: the menu should be a bit more logical now, a link page was created, and the about-page was completely rewritten. -Ed.]


3 responses to “31.08.2006”

  1. Thank you for Kassu’s poem. It is heartbreaking beautiful, sad and hopeful at the same time. I can’t stop my tears… May he discover plenty of funny things over there meanwhile to show Anna, you and the pack when all of you are together again!

  2. Thank you, Imma, for your beautiful words. They made my tears run again. I agree with you, Kassu’s poem is so heartbreakingly beautiful that I can’t read it without crying.

  3. Kaikkea sitä joutuu tekemään koiriensa vuoksi… =)

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