This time, a work-related accident occured only on the first fetch.


2 responses to “04.01.2007”

  1. How do you do fetches with flightless game? Do you use a catapult or something?

  2. When we work with water we just throw the game. In fieldwork we’ll use a combination of walking and throwing.

    In this case we placed the game so the dog could see what was being done. Especially with Jalo we’ve had the problem that he stops distancing himself from us at about 100 metres. So now we need to build up his confidence to longer distances. That’s why we placed him under a sit-command (with Anna nearby to ensure that he stayed), while I walked with the game (and threw it the last 10 m).

    We also practise so that Anna places the game out of sight from the dog and then the dog and I enter the area and I control the sector in which the dog searches and fetches.

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