Day 5, e-collar 2. Even this e-collar has some necessary pacthes. The patient is doing fine, but wanted some reminders for the others on who’s the toughest guy on the block.

Now’s the time to start tuning. Leave your well-wishes in the comments and we’ll write them on the collar since he doesn’t have a cast.


8 responses to “19.09.2007”

  1. Flippe on kova jätkä!

  2. Ahoy Mateys!

    I didn’t even remember that today is Talk Like a Pirate Day ( http://www.talklikeapirate.com/ ). What a better day for a shot like this, eh land-lubbers?

    Tänään on siis puhu kuten merirosvo-päivä, yksi internetin huvittavuuksista. Sattumalta tuli teemaan sopiva kuvakin.

  3. Imma + flat pack

    Keep your spirits going, thoughie! All the best from your Finnish-Austrian-Swedish cousins Lenny and Quira

  4. capn bearrrr

    arrrrr!!!! repel boarders ya scurvy bilge rats! man th’ canons 😀 avast! arrr! aye, them landlubbers ha’ got yer booty, but fear ye not, th’ sea is nay place for lubbers of any sort! arrr! onward, t’ glory and more booty!

  5. Chiccoxen Flibbertigibbet merirosvoksi on “Tikari Tom”. Kts. http://www.merirosvo.fi. Tosin näyttää luovasti vaihtuvan joka kerta.

  6. Hey, Pepper, there has to be an easier way to improve your satellite reception!

  7. Ihan ufona!

  8. Lady Koira

    Aiii – I hope I don’t lick my NEXT surgical wound like the last time, otherwise I’ll have to wear one of those crazy collars (my mom insists on calling it a bonnet, especially the blue one which is quite bonny looking to her, annoying to me) — though I might not mind if it had all the good wishes that YOU’re getting! I’m not supposed to know but surgery is scheduled for Thursday … wish us luck.

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