• During the autumn we've had some really long workdays where we've been helping Anna and Ramin cutting and chopping wood. After a hard day of work, lying down feels so good.

tommy at 01:56 30.10.2007 writes:

It is really hard to be a dog

Imma & flat pack at 11:05 30.10.2007 writes:

Especially being a dog living with Anna and Ramin *ggg*!

Jannaj at 13:07 30.10.2007 writes:

Kylläpäs Sulo jo näyttää ihan isolta pojalta. Speciaaliterkut hysteerikko Jalolle!

ramin at 01:29 31.10.2007 writes:

And Sulo's still got it easy! After all, he still gets to be the puppy around the house.

vikke at 21:36 06.11.2007 writes:

moi! on taas kestänyt hetken! tämä on harvinaisen mahtava kuva! supermahtava!

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