• Yesterday we asked what on earth is happening in yesterday's picture. We don't have a clue, but here is the whole series: before…

  • …uncropped…

  • …after. Well, what do you think is happening?

Tuuli at 13:00 10.03.2012 writes:

Pillit soi :)

Piia at 15:13 10.03.2012 writes:

Eilen kyllä ajattelin, että musti edellä on kaasuttanut pahemman kerran :-D

Dianna at 23:24 10.03.2012 writes:

Photo 1. They were sniffing the ground.
Photo 2. They got a bad or scary smell.
Photo 3. They are "getting the H... out of here!"

I haven't a clue really. This is just a wild guess.

Jolene Mccuaig at 05:36 11.03.2012 writes:

I wonder if it was a skunk? Truely remarkable capture though! It has got to be one of my favourites!

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