Working on long blinds while Anna is traveling…

Camera triggering done with a Triggertrap reaction to the sound that is made.


4 responses to “08.07.2012”

  1. R’s Mom

    “What was the middle thing?” I mean what sound triggered the middle picture … and even the first? Do you control the trigger in some other way than just the sound at the end? (Just Mom trying to understand new technology!) 🙂

  2. Dianna

    Enjoy seeing these photos from an angle not usually photographed. Such focus and keenness. Topi?

  3. @Mom: The trigger was set to be quite sensitive to changes in the ambient sound so it could have been either my commands to Topi or just wind. Also, I have to admit that several shots were dropped from in between so the middle picture could also be from the sound of him running.

    @Dianna: Yes, Topi. Emil isn’t at this level of training yet. Not that long blinds like these aren’t challenging for Topi as well. I also like getting shots from an unusual angle since at least I get bored by the same type of images year after year 😉

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