I must choose, but I must choose wisely.


6 responses to “12.07.2012”

  1. Dianna

    This one puzzles me. Are you in front of Topi directing him with arm signals to the bumper you want him to fetch?

  2. dianna

    PS. With the bumpers so close it would have been hard for him to mark each one as it fell and fetch them in the order they fell or he was directed to retrieve them in.

  3. We were creating a pile for the motivated blinds. I’m working on increasing his distance so he gets to see the bumpers being placed and then we back off and I send him on with the go-back (or similar) command. After a successful retrieve, we increase the distance and repeat. The pictures from a couple of days back were from the last exercise we did with this pile.

  4. Dianna

    I like that training. When you send Topi and he gets to the pile, does he pick up any bumper without “shopping”? Still confused about the “choice” caption. From a gundog beginner!

  5. @Dianna: That’s a quite obscure reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, nothing else 😉

    Topi still shops a bit, but it’s getting to be less of a problem all the time. We need more pile work and he’ll probably stop it soon.

  6. Dianna

    LOL! It was obviously too obscure for me. Thank you for the explanation. Now I can let it go!

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